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Warren & Alice Xia Comment ID:SC3604
Thanks for bringing my dream Asian girl to me  
Asian Dating
-Member ID: CM284672, Brisbane, Australia
-Profile ID: P660011, Shenyang, Liaoning

I want to say thanks to you and your dating agency in Shenyang for bringing Xia JingJie & I together. The day I received the letter from Jingjie, I felt my search was over. On the next few months of writing to each other we both realized that there was a real chemical connection between us.

During that period I learnt that Jingjie is a lively, kind and sincere Asian girl. She has touched my heart and my life deeply. When we both decided to meet in person, meeting Jingjie face to face for the first time at Sheyang Airport was so so real. We fell into each other's arms.

We decided then that we were meant to be together forever and decided to marry on 22/10/2009. I would like to particularly thank our interpreter Dicky from your agency. She has been so helpful. In fact everyone in the agency has been great. Both Jingjie and I are very greatful. We have commenced the proceedings for visa for Jinegjie to move to Australia.

Thanks very much for bringing my dream Asian girl to me.

Terrence & Tiffany Tang Comment ID: SC3627
For me it's a new and exciting journey  
Asian Dating
- Member ID: CM482059, newfoundland, Canada
- Profile ID: P658019, Zhanjiang, Guangdong

I first join Chinesewomendate in April of 2008, in the hope of finding someone special to share my life with. My own searching prove unsuccessful but your sitr was very easy once I created my own profile, the letters and profiles of Asian women started to flow in my mail box...I read many letter and profile but only one seem to stick out enough for me to want to learn more about her(Tiffany). So I respond to Tiffany and we continued to write to each other every day for several months. I felt so good about our growing closer to each other, so I decided to fly to Asia to meet Tiffany. For our first enounter, I felt very happy we share every laughter, food, bowling, walk hand in hand, a boat ride, and with each passing day we grew closer and closer together. I return to my home and continued with letters to each other. I would eventually returned to Asia for more time, and for third trip I decided to marry Tiffany. As one would say the rest is history, but for me, it's a new and exciting journey share my life with my wife.(Tiffany) Xiaoyan.

Emmanuel & Ms Wang Comment ID: SC3628
I have found my true love in Chinesewomendate  
Asian Dating
-Member ID: CM903900, New York, United States
-Profile ID:P5081164, Shenzhen, Guangdong

To Staff of your Shenzhen dating Agency P508, and the most skillful translator of all my long letters to Lei.

I would like to thank all of you for doing such an incredibly great job in helping me find Lei, my true love. I had been wondering where she was for 35 years now, given up my search in despair many times, but never gave up my hope, because I felt she was alive, and I knew it was in Asia. It was just up to me to find her.... I had been interested in the Asian culture for a long time already, and I knew that if she existed anywhere in this world, it had to be Asia, but elusive as she was, it took me an eternity still before I did. I finally found her, on October 20th, 2009, on page 48 (my lucky number) of the photo gallery. She was so beautiful, she couldn't be missed, and from the moment I saw her, I knew she was it. There was not a doubt in my mind any day after that day that she was the one, and as we started communicating, it became clear that we had been made for each other all along. Our compatibility is beyond this world...

Michael & Helen Yang Comment ID:SC3635
I was amazed by their caring  
Asian Dating
-Member ID:CM633163, Columbus, United States
-Profile ID:P218307, Wuhan, Hubei

I recently traveled to Changsha Asia to meet a Asian woman. Well the woman and I didn't hit it off very well and we decided it wasn't meant to be. I still had 4 days left before I went back home to the U.S. The two owners at your Changsha agency, Mr. Tang and Mr. Peng took me out to dinner and thought that they could find another nice Asian woman for me while I was still there. They showed me her profile and I was very interested in meeting her. The next day I met her and we hit it off very well. I just wanted to thank you and also the very nice people at your agency there in Changsha Asia. I was amazed that they cared so much about me and that they didn't want my trip to be a waste. Very nice people and I hope to marry Miss Huaping in the near future. Thank you for an awesome experience. Michael Sanders


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